QUERINI STAMPALIA: CONNECTED-Hello Machine: 4 March – 5 April 2019

Focusing on the itinerant pop up artwork by media archeologist Rachel Hanlon called HELLO MACHINE, CONNECTED matches the engaging and inspiring installation with a series of artscience workshops gravitating around the interactions and communication between humans to humans and humans to machines.

Hello Machines are situated across the globe in ever changing locations and time zones, picking up the receiver rings the other Hello Machines, creating space for spontaneous voice visiting. They provide a way in which the viewer can interact with re-animated technically obsolete telephone systems, utilising present day advancements in telephony. Their aim is to open up a dialogue between the technologies original ideas and meanings, and what makes up the ‘thingness’ these devices now possess, by unraveling its historical and societal content that contains traces of our identity.

Telephones by Rachel Hanlon are located in Australia, USA, Japan, Ireland and Austria. The artwork is currently hosted also by Science Gallery Dublin’s INTIMACY.

For more informationwww.venice.sciencegallery.com