Marisa Convento, “Impiraressa” – the glass beadstringer

“Impiraressa” as a glass bead stringer was a very common female activity between the 19th and 20th century in Venice. This is the name of the ancient craft practised in the past by so many women n Venice. The glass seedbeads and beads produced in Murano and Venice needed to be strung in bundles, threading them with very long needles, so that their packing, shipping and trading would have been easier. The glass beads then would take long journeys to far continents where they were highly desired by the native people of Africa, America and Asia.

Marisa Convento has given new life to these ancient techniques of threading to create art embellishments and jewerly.
Her “Venetian Dreams” are made for women and dedicated to Venice, the city where she lives, works and dreams.